Howdy I'm Pixel!

Also Chris, also Oliver, also Stone. First, middle, last respectively.

No preference. As long as I know it's me.

Inspect composer.

My name is Pixel. I am a sophomore at Swarthmore College studying engineering and environmental studies. I am based in North Jersey a.k.a. the Fake New York City area.

I have little to no business trying to spend time coding a website as frontend development is just one tool in my Toolbox, like how I have also picked up graphic design, marketing, and managing spreadsheets because I could.

I've always enjoyed organizing things. Maybe too much. My nickname in high school was Mr. Resource Man because I have a knack to make the connections that people ask you for. My friends like to utilize this skill to get me to find songs for them from TikTok. I also tend to reminisce on 2000's aesthetics: though I wouldn't call it nostalgia.

I seek to nurture communities and understand how people are impacted by their natural and built environments in cities. This tends to include issues of building infrastrucutre, housing, transportation, and education. I fancy exploring the field of digital humanities and thinking about how we can reimagine the documentation of storytelling experiences. I dream about what the world would look like after societal collapse and how we could practice picking up the pieces. I believe that another world is possible — another world is already here.

Feel free to shoot me an email at, or leave me an obscure message on Your World of Text.

Would you like to support me? Feel free to drop me coin to my Venmo.

Inspect site.

This website was made in HTML with CSS styling built in rather than on a separate CSS file. If you press [F12] you can see exactly how I made this site page by page. My first time learning how to code in HTML was when I was in the sixth grade. I generally take notes in using GitHub Flavored Markdown and LaTeX and only use HTML when it is relevant for editing on WordPress, Tumblr, and Pokemon forums. I don't know everything, I only know what I know, and I try to get decent at it.

I take inspiration from the work of Olia Lianlina and Dragan Espenschied's archive of GeoCities as well as Kyle Drake's revival of the framework on NeoCities.